“The Wolf and the Dragon” and “Symbionts”

My short story “The Wolf and the Dragon” has just been published by Crossed Genres. This is an awesome magazine, with a mission “to give a voice to people often ignored or marginalized in science fiction”, so check them out. Also, they interviewed me, so you can read what I think about writing, older mentors, and zombie films.

As well, last night one of my former roommates persuaded me to google myself, always a fun, if narcissistic exercise. I discovered that one of my earlier short stories, “Symbionts” (which appeared in the NYU student journal Anamesa in 2012) is now available as a free pdf. Fun fact: the first draft of this story was written in a single night after I attended a talk by scientist Nancy Moran. She is obviously not responsible for any scientific inaccuracies that have crept in.

For anyone following this blog who feels as giddy as I do to have two new posts in a single week, don’t worry: that’s not a pace I’m likely to sustain. At the moment, there’s nothing coming down the publishing pipe, but fingers crossed, the Christmas season will bring good news; and in the meantime, you can make the time go faster by leaving me a comment, or find a few more stories by clicking on “Find my Writing” in the menu above.


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