“Unrequited” project goes to ExpoZine Montreal 14-15 November

So, in the past few months I’ve been working on a collaborative zine project with a couple of friends, Pablo and Kirsten (a “zine” is a small, self-published book, put together old-school style with a photocopier and a stapler). The theme of our project is “Unrequited.” Basically, we interviewed each other about the people we’ve had crushes on over the years, and the silly things we did to try to get their attention. Next, we each produced a zine in a totally different style. Mine was comics. Here is the cover and first three pages, just to give you a taste (click on the image to zoom in):

Unrequited photos copy

Kirsten and Pablo both used a more experimental mix of styles. All three zines are amazing! And next Saturday we’re taking them to the annual zine fair, ExpoZine, in Montreal. This is really my first plunge into zine culture, but I have very high expectations!! (and apparently a quota of exclamation points to use up…)

If by any chance you are missing ExpoZine but you’d like me to mail you a copy of the zine (or all three zines), leave me a comment. If there is a demand, I will wade into the trenches of WordPress and try to set up private messaging or something so you can send me your address.


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