Theatre review for Orwell’s 1984

Last fall I went to a fascinating stage adaptation of Orwell’s novel 1984. I never loved the novel as a teenager, but in my twenties I discovered Orwell’s non-fiction—Homage to Catalonia, Down and Out in Paris and London, and I haven’t yet managed The Road to Wigan Pier, but it is climbing my to-be-read pile—and every one of them blew my mind. This production at Théâtre du Trident in Québec City seemed like the perfect chance to tackle the classic dystopia once again, and see if I’d grown up enough to enjoy it. To add the experience, I’d just finished a stint as lighting technician for Quebec Art Company’s production of La Cage aux Folles, which involved a lot of on-the-job learning for me. Lessons such as: I really should have memorized those formulas for converting between amps, volts and watts from first-year physics, and electrocution is no fun. So, going to see 1984 also meant relaxing into a safe comfortable seat and watching a professional take over.

Then I pitched the idea of writing a review to my dear friend and editor at Albion Magazine, and she did her usual brilliant job putting out this winter’s issue. The full review can be read here.


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