Most of the links below are to small online journals. Once you’ve read the story at the link, you might want check out other poems and stories in these journals—it’s a great way to discover new authors.

The Empty Cairn
On a barren arctic coastline, a sledge-driver begins to write. (This is an excerpt from my novel-in-progress, but can be read as a standalone). 1,500 words.
Published in Riddled With Arrows November 2018

Nok has always known that her parents’ great love for each other was what made them move from Bangkok to Svalbard. But a new crisis casts doubt on the foundation myths of her family. 6,300 words.
Published in Northern Review December 2017

The Merlot
A story about being a girl, about friendship and growing up. 3,500 words.
Published in carte-blanche June 2017

The Wolf and the Dragon
When Thuy escaped Vietnam in the 1970s, she thought she’d found peace. Forty years later, in a quiet Toronto suburb, the destruction starts again. 6,000 words.
Published in Crossed Genres December 2014
You can also read the “New Author Spotlight” interview they did of me.

Jean-Baptiste Night
An old Irish tale, transplanted to a foreign land. 900 words.
Published in Bleak Bleak Bleak Autumn 2014
This online magazine also publishes lovely art, worth browsing through

The Island Lovers
A quebecois fairy-tale, complete with a wicked enchanter, three tasks, and a pair of resourceful lovers. 3,300 words.
Published in Eclectica Magazine July/August 2014.

The link above takes you to a page where you can download a pdf of the issue in Anamesa. My story is on page 54.
Nadia’s ex-boyfriend Jared shows up, on the run from a mysterious enemy — but the worst danger is something he carries inside himself. 6,200 words.
Published in Anamesa Spring 2012.

The Seal Trainer
When their former marine mammal specialist retired, the Quebec Aquarium was pleased to hire Felix Balzano, a rising star in the seal-training community. 2,500 words.
Published on my livejournal (along with a lot of other silly stuff that probably shouldn’t have seen the light of day!)



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