Sonnet Challenge
From 16 November to 6 December 2016, I wrote a sonnet every day and posted it online. That was twenty sonnets in twenty days (discounting a few “cheat” days for my mental health). Since I was living in Iqaluit at the time, they were usually about snow in one way or another.

Book and Theatre Reviews

Albion Magazine is a wonderful “not-for-profit, biannual, web-based magazine dedicated to exploring English culture and identity from a liberal, inclusive perspective.” Over the years, they have been nice enough to publish some reviews by me:

February 2017: School Stories and Modern Children’s Fantasy: Two Points on a Continuum
July 2016: An Epistolary Anti-Heroine: Jane Austen’s Lady Susan adapted to the screen
February 2016: Fractured Visions: A New French-Canadian Production of 1984
August 2015: Conventions of Detective Fiction and the Reader’s Contract in Early Dorothy Sayers Novels
December 2014: The Sensual Versus the Ideological: Political Agency in Laurie Lee’s As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning

Other Non-fiction

The Iqaluit Women’s Bible Study
A friend of mine was preparing a Lenten devotional, and she asked me to write a reflection about my experiences living in Iqaluit.

Big concerns about little life forms
Recent climate change is most strongly felt in the polar regions of our planet, and much of this change is invisible, impacting the microscopic creatures that inhabit the soil and water. This short article, intended for the general public, was written as part of my day-job as an environmental microbiologist. The link takes you to a page where you can download the pdf, and my article is on page 14.
Published in The Circle (World Wildlife Fund) 2014