Interviewed on Science Friday

Connected to my science life, I’ve just been interviewed by the NPR program Science Friday about a recent mission to the Arctic. We had a a great trip planned, with science, education and outreach components, but we ran into some trouble as soon as we got out into the Gulf of Boothia. Science isn’t always easy, but we persevere!

“Arctic Science, Put On Ice”


“The Wolf and the Dragon” and “Symbionts”

My short story “The Wolf and the Dragon” has just been published by Crossed Genres. This is an awesome magazine, with a mission “to give a voice to people often ignored or marginalized in science fiction”, so check them out. Also, they interviewed me, so you can read what I think about writing, older mentors, and zombie films.

As well, last night one of my former roommates persuaded me to google myself, always a fun, if narcissistic exercise. I discovered that one of my earlier short stories, “Symbionts” (which appeared in the NYU student journal Anamesa in 2012) is now available as a free pdf. Fun fact: the first draft of this story was written in a single night after I attended a talk by scientist Nancy Moran. She is obviously not responsible for any scientific inaccuracies that have crept in.

For anyone following this blog who feels as giddy as I do to have two new posts in a single week, don’t worry: that’s not a pace I’m likely to sustain. At the moment, there’s nothing coming down the publishing pipe, but fingers crossed, the Christmas season will bring good news; and in the meantime, you can make the time go faster by leaving me a comment, or find a few more stories by clicking on “Find my Writing” in the menu above.