Interviewed on Science Friday

Connected to my science life, I’ve just been interviewed by the NPR program Science Friday about a recent mission to the Arctic. We had a a great trip planned, with science, education and outreach components, but we ran into some trouble as soon as we got out into the Gulf of Boothia. Science isn’t always easy, but we persevere!

“Arctic Science, Put On Ice”


Dorothy L. Sayers, and the World Wildlife Fund

My essay about the early detective novels of Dorothy L. Sayers has just appeared in Albion Magazine. You can go read it here. A lot has been written about Dorothy Sayers’ feminism, and quite rightly so, but I wanted to look at how this feminism intersected with ideas of class and the economic realities between the wars. Since I’m Canadian and know very little about the British class system, I am infinitely indebted to the editor for helping me not to say anything silly.

I also discovered that an article I wrote for the World Wildlife Fund about climate change and microscopic organisms is still available online here. Have a glimpse of my day-job, distilled (I hope) for the general non-scientist public.