If you’d like to receive one of my zines in the mail, please leave me a message in the contact form. All my comic zines are photocopied and machine-stitched.

Cover Part 1

Drosophila Volume 1: Leaving the Vial
Wingless is a fruit-fly who was born with a strange mutation. But surely the human scientists wouldn’t have made him this way, unless it also gave him special powers? With his other mutant friends, Wingless goes on a quest to find out.
half-size, 8 pages


Title page Iqaluit

Pet-sitting in Iqaluit
Purchase through Broken Pencil Zine Store ($4)
A zine containing drawings of goofy animals, angsty poems I wrote while I had insomnia, and facts you might not have known about the housing shortage in Canada’s Arctic.
half-size, 8 pages

This zine has a promotional video associated with it that you can see here.

CoverTo the People I Loved (who didn’t feel that way)
Part of the collaborative “Unrequited” project I took to Montreal ExpoZine with my writing group. Basically it’s all about those people we have crushes on, and the silly things we do to get their attention.
quarter-size, 24 pages